Behind every triumphant media campaign, there is a well-defined media strategy in the making. Crafting concrete strategy nails down 4 statutory rules. Namely,

Setting measurable goals

Determining exactly what needs to be achieved from the campaign and drawing the functional line parallel to practicality. This is what we must hatch at the end. And, our favourite way to crack it, is to adopt goals using the SMART method i.e, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. 

Identifying and analysing the target audience

“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov

Understanding the target’s key demographic traits also involves answering where and how do they spend most of their time? What does a typical day look like for them? What are their fears? What are their interests? What media channels do they use? This will help you humanise your audience and address them with utmost awareness. 

Defining and abiding by the budget

A perfect media strategy is and must always stick to the figures. No more, neither less. While outlining the plan, attempt to match your SMART goals to the ideal budget and labour capability. This makes the long run teeny easier. 

Structuring the key message  

Drafting and finalising the principal note cemented from an objective isn’t as easy as it sounds. Often, it takes fewer words to convey greater meanings. But these words must run the course and motive of the campaign. A short phrase yet strong appeal is what attracts the audience. 

After the initial client meeting, interested brands will revert constructive feedback to our media marketing team. Here, the work process kickstarts. Our chief media consultant will conduct a review-based two-phase presentation analysing the potential media strategies and the scope of media-brand developments for the client. The presentation evaluates the generic market and the client’s status in marketing myopia. It broadly captures the client’s eye by comparing and reviewing competitor performance via exhilarating case studies.

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