Direct and paid communication adopted by brands and businesses to market themselves is called advertising. The channels to disseminate this communication come in all broad audience sizes and can be used for several merchandise capacities. It commonly captures the mass media, both online and offline such as television, print, commercial radio, cinema, OOH and Internet. With proper assistance and reasonable media acknowledgement, brands can also promote themselves organically across various media outlets. 

Gartner Glossary’s definition of marketing communication:

“Marketing communications, commonly known as Marcom, is the messages and media that marketers use to communicate with target markets. Examples of marketing communications include traditional advertising, direct marketing, social marketing, presentations and sponsorships.”

These 3 pointers will give you a brief heads-up about how to choose the right communication channels to suffice your purpose. 

Know your team

Familiarising and building a mutual rapport with your team initiates the first step towards understanding the right target. By organising semi-formal chat clubs and conducting employee engagement surveys, we can understand their preferences, likes and dislikes.

Know your message

Understanding the type, form, tone and intention of the message will help us to track the right medium to communicate. Is the message conveyed formally or informally? Is it implying trivial or sensitive content? Does it include text and visuals?

Know your budget

The choice and selection of communication channels depend on the client-approved budget. Hence, choosing the right medium is crucial to investing rightly. This helps prevent critical budget spillover and earns better outcomes.  

We engage as an intermediary between the media and brand as a means of delivering and receiving information from the brand to the media and vice versa. We use our ears to listen and voice to address the necessities of each client by pitching the right media approach to them. We ensure smooth and effective media communication by engineering brand PR campaigns, mass advertising campaigns, publicity stunts, corporate sector promotional events, press releases and press conferences through the collective use of both conventional and modern media. Our business alliance with other worthwhile media service vendors assures performance excellence and guaranteed results to the clientele.

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