The process of identifying and selecting the right media outlets to place paid advertisements is called media planning. After many objective discussions, both parties arrive at the final media plan. It’s an intimate process of considering, reconsidering, reviewing, revising and trialling tasks and budget to run the customised media campaign for the brand. There’s no ‘Best Media Plan’, ever. Hence, building the right strategy is always tricky. But we always call for a challenge. As responsible media planners, we stretch our potential to the farthest while sufficing clientele budget to find the right media mix for a brand. 

The paramount aim of marketing is to advertise the business to the right target audience so that they may be educated, informed, made well aware and persuaded to purchase your product, service or idea from the market. Developing an efficient and cost-effective media plan must be weighed under the following pointers.


Refers to the number of people you want to watch during a particular timeframe, like in a week or a month.


Indicates the number of times your target customers will see your ad. The higher the number, the better the visibility. 


Depending on the targeted market radius and product niche, each media outlet’s potential is measured to reach defined prospects. 


Each media outlet promise various senses. Magazines appeal to sight and scent while websites and TV appeal to sight and sound. Identify the right senses that the brand demands and offers. Then choose the medium to reflect greater impact.

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