Market Research is moreover a purposed action of market exploration focusing on advertisement campaigns. The ultimate aim is to sort the most potent ad concepts that suit a brand’s target market. Pollfish, a DIY market research provider adds that the process of market research for advertising includes pre-campaign efforts as well as post-campaign scrutiny. This includes setting up advertising campaigns, narrowing in on your target market, deducing which ads are best and measuring the success of your ad campaigns. 

Market research plays a crucial role in each stage of this advertising development process. Proper brand-target analysis and market study help to design not just an ad campaign, but the best ad experience. An ad that possesses the following qualities will hit the customer at the right spot. 

• Relevance to the target audience
• Value in purchasing and using
• Uniqueness to set yourself apart from competitors
• Credibility to earn customers’ trust. Don’t make it seem too good to be true.


Unlike our competitors, we, as a regional agency aim and provide national media services, customised brand strategy, advanced market study and meticulous media campaign execution to our clients at a negotiable bargain. This very concern marks our efforts far more experienced, creative and result-oriented. 

Our pre-campaign efforts of market research kickstart by acquiring a deep understanding of the target market. Followed by setting up both micro and macro advertising campaign objectives and drawing a valid budget proposal for the advertising campaign. Ongoing campaign market research utterly depends on the pertinence of creating the key message behind the campaign. Advertising performance evaluation is the pivotal step involved in post-campaign efforts. Results are and must be tracked to analyse the success of the campaign, its pros and cons, utilisation of resources and the use of media, to learn from mistakes and understand the scope of improvement.

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