Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Media Expression?

Advertising is a business of glamour and poise. Hence, it demands a constant overhaul. Since its inception in 1995, Media Expression has been constantly learning and unlearning, doing and undoing, working and reworking towards betterment. We never cease to be curious. This proves our success in the industry with 28 years of experience and securing strong clientele relations across pan India. 

How and why does business between direct media and an agency differ? 

When booking flight tickets, most of us prefer a feasibly comforting option. Airfare tickets booked via online travel portals are cheaper than direct airline fares. The same scheme applies here. Agency and media share a beneficial relationship as long as both parties are mutually benefited. We maintain special interests in our media relations as we promise and engage in bulk media investments annually. This helps us to offer great services at the best negotiable rates. To set things clear, brands can pitch a media package directly with media channels or through an ad agency. But, who benefits whom matters. 

Where lies your core expertise?

We are a 360 degree media agency specialised in customised brand campaigns. Our stronghold lies in electronic media. Having associated with leading brands in Kerala, we have garnered an image of trust, excellence & guaranteed results. Over two decades, we have been reinventing the art of branding through advertising.

Who are your clients? What are your notable works? 

Some of our strongest and prolonged clientele include Chicking, Niraparra, Fruitomans, Oxygen, Mercely’s, N’Style, Kairali TMT, Popy, Kent Constructions, PPG group and many more. All the creative releases, media-PR promotions and events of the clients are coordinated and conducted from our end. 

Lately, the pan India media advertising and marketing campaigns strategised for Oxygen, the Digital Expert and Mercely’s Ice Cream had gained colossal media attention and appreciation.

What are the benefits of choosing Media Expression? 

We are distinct in our own field of expertise and operations with-

Quick & consistent customer service.

Innovative ideas & concepts.

Customised brand planning & execution.

Back up of experts & expertise.

National media planning strategy.

Tailored media packages at best negotiable rates. 

Do you imply innovation across all media?

Being curious is the first step toward questioning. And, questions drive us to brainstorm creative ideas and adopt concepts beyond the rulebook. This is our motto, to crack beyond. We support and adopt cross experimental approaches across various media channels as long as it pertains to the brand motive and media code of conduct.

How long have your clientele alliances sustained?

We own an extensive clientele base ranging from regional to national brands across the nation. Some of whom have been long beside us since our humble beginning. Being our senior most clients, Niraparra, Fruitomans, MCR, Popy, Intersight and Sreerosh Properties have been with us for more than 20 years. Followed by N’Style and A Geeri Pai for the past 15 years and PPG for the last 10 years. Our clientele acquaintances have been loyally sustained for nearly a decade or more. We aim to build a brand from small businesses, which in turn enhances our growth.